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How Wooden Sunglasses Became Stylish

Style is all about eliciting excitement and approval for daring to be different. How you pick your accessories says a lot about your personality. A unique sense of style makes you conspicuous and a point of reference for those who love your style.

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Sunglasses are not new phenomena to fashion. While some designs are basic and very common, there are few designs that showcase the craftsmanship and creativity of their designers. Wooden sunglasses remain an ingenious way to wear ordinary sunglasses as a fancy accessory and are fashionable and desirable.

Wood-crafted accessories have a long history which has remained relevant over the years despite the changing trends in fashion and accessories. They are reinvented yet never fazed out. Grownd Zero produces the best handcrafted and unique accessories displaying the artistic creativity of the designers.

wooden eyewear - Grownd Zero

These wooden accessories are handcrafted from bamboo trees and show the craftsmanship of the designers. For someone who enjoys art, a wooden sunglasses is the perfect symbol of their appreciation for creativity.

Wooden accessories were among the initial designs in fashion accessories as the materials were readily available. With mining, came fine metal accessories that replaced the wooden designs. However, the wooden accessories industry remained alive servicing a small number of people whose love for classic fashion got them rocking wooden sunglasses.

The popularity of the wooden sunglasses was fueled by three things:

  1. Vintage design– Woodcraft is an old practice whose products continue to appeal to a number of people. With the world embracing and appreciating art, it is not a wonder for people to relive some of the old trends in fashion and design. Vintage accessories play a significant role in the world of fashion today. In fact, they are their own fashion statement, rich and unique.
  2. Quality and durability– Wooden sunglasses are more durable as they are not brittle. With a lot of sunglasses today, if you drop your sunglasses or press on them, they are likely to break, becoming useless altogether. As for wooden sunglasses, they do not break easily, and in the event of damage, they are easy to fix.
  3. Mother nature inspiration– The world of fashion is inspired by several things. Every designer draws their inspiration from something and looks to capture this into their design. Wooden accessories are inspired by nature and designed to incorporate the beautiful aspect of trees. Wooden sunglasses are a good representation of how nature remains relevant in our lives today.  
  4. Craftsmanship – Wooden sunglasses are handcrafted with extraordinary details on the design. Knowing that this is the actual handwork of the designers, it makes you appreciate their good effort and skill. Handcrafted items are produced in limited edition ensuring that the collection remains unique and intimate to the lucky few who wear them.

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Wooden sunglasses are a cool way to rock your sunglasses and express your diverse fashion sense. They are incredibly gorgeous and more alluring than the contemporary designs. Grab yourself a pair today from Grownd Zero.

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